About Radio Rebel

The Cast of Radio Rebel

Radio Rebel, based on author Danielle Joseph’s popular novel Shrinking Violettells the story of a shy 17-year old, Tara (Debby Ryan), whose secret life begins with harmless podcasts from the privacy of her bedroom.  But, her smooth talking “on-air” personality, Radio Rebel, couldn’t be more unlike Tara.  And when her alter ego gains in popularity, Tara is given a shot at hosting her own show on her stepdad’s radio station, but decides to keep her true identity a secret.  Even her BFF Audrey (Sarena Parmar) doesn’t know at first. Giving voice to all kids – the popular and oppressed alike – at her high school and beyond, Radio Rebel soon attracts the unwanted attention of her school’s principal, who desperately wants to uncover Radio Rebel’s real identity so that she can expel her from school.  As if that wasn’t enough, popular mean girl Stacy (Merritt Patterson) is coming between Tara and cute boy Gavin (Adam DiMarco.) He’s a huge Rebel fan and his recent rock band success has made him one of the cool kids – and also put him squarely at odds with his band’s popularity-at-all-costs frontman Gabe (Atticus Mitchell.) With the help of her friends and family, Tara must now choose between keeping her on-air identity secret and continuing the status quo, or being true to herself and risk losing everything.


10 thoughts on “About Radio Rebel

    • Jordan-
      I was afraid too. Of a lot of things. You just gotta learn to like who you are as a person. You’re not as alone as you feel.

      • I have done that but everyone laughs at me and makes fun of me.What should I do?

  1. i love radio Rebel i need that advice she i the ticket to my privet life of escaping whats her number the station slam FM i have her phone number I LOVE youuu

  2. I love this show i wish I could meet debby ryan I wanna know how to make mi own radio show so mi whole skool can hear and wehere i live

  3. omg im so afraid to show who i really am or to tell the guy i like i like him i get so shy when im around him i write my feeling for him in songs and poems JUST for him but i can NEVER get up the nerve and tell him how i feel PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i love radio rebel i wish i could meet her she is my ticket to my freedom my name is Lexie my brother has a girlfriend named Emma i like her lots and i am getting to be a little jellous i don’t have a boyfriend and my friends are using me i do talk to my teachers i have a complicated life also i am 17 going to 18 please help me out i am scared and worried if your Radio Rebel text me and email and call me 3738638

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