Coming soon – Win A Signed DVD

Keep checking back.. and you could win a signed Radio Rebel DVD by Debby Ryan!


34 thoughts on “Coming soon – Win A Signed DVD

  1. Omg I would love to win that DVD I have watched this movie thousands of times and unless I watch it before bed I can’t sleep

  2. Omg i would LOVE to get a Signed Dvd from Debby Ryan! I am like the biggest fan in Hawaii! I have watch every show movie that she is in! So it would mean a lot to me if i win this! Please i hope yu choose me.

  3. I love the movie I think it’s great and I Olso love all Debbys movies so I would please like a signed DVDπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  4. I would love to have a Win A Signed Dvd By Debby Ryan! Because I am like a Huge Biggest Fan from Hawaii,Maui. It would mean so much to me if i got it. Cause i have watched her every shows n movies. I love her lotz. She is an amzing person that made me change my life.

  5. I loved your show! I really wish I could be like you (brave). I am the one who never raises her hand and never talks. I try but it’s difficult for me to be like that.

  6. The song now I can be the real me really inspired me as I never spoke to anyone in my class and I am much more confident I really think that this film is inspiring good job!!!

  7. I would like a signed DVD because I think that this is a big thing for me as I don’t normally comment like this and stand up for myself and also because I am this movies number 1 fan ( especially Adam Dimarco)

  8. I think I might be starting my own radio rebel kinda thing ive always wanted to sing and dance infront of everyone but im a bit shy and when people say things about me I get really embaressed, ive always wanted to be a famous dancer or singer on disney child like on Jessie or A.N.T Farm but not every wish comes true? I’d really like this signed DVD of Debby Ryan be really cool if I won πŸ™‚

  9. I LOVE radio rebel I wear a baggy hat like Tara it has inspired me to be a radio host I have printed out loads of radio rebel posters and put them all over room u have taken over one direction my sister is getting really annoyed because I am taken over her wanted posters i h8 the wanted that’s why u have taken over my room if I won one of your signed videos I would scream cry in joyment I would literally die I love Denny ryan she is my fave actress yey Jessie is on now bye for now I really hope I win xxxxxxxx

  10. I loved the Radio Rebel.. It changed my life.. And now I am glad to be who I am today.. I wouldnt wanna change who I am.. I’m glad that Debby Ryan did this Movie.. I am a huge Fan of her.. And now I’m making all my friends being who they are and now I’m changing kids life as well.. Cause it is a part of them who they are.. So I just wanna say thanks to Debby Ryan yu r awesome..

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