March Music Madness!!!

Everyday of March we will be giving away a copy of the Radio Rebel soundtrack! Do YOU want a copy? Then here’s what you do:

All you have to do is Request Debby Ryan’s “We Got the Beat” on  Radio Disney!

Not sure how to contact Radio Disney? Well here ya go:

You can do it online at:

Just request the song and then tweet us @whoisradiorebel and tell us when you did it (date and time)! We will pick a winner at random everyday in March!

Let’s get  March Music Madness kuh-ra-zzzyyyy!!!!


Must be 18 or younger to win. Cannot have won previous contest.



9 thoughts on “March Music Madness!!!

  1. What is the name of the song used in the movie by Red Letter Day? I can’t find an online copy to buy, and it’s not in the Radio Rebel soundtrack I bought in the Canadian iTunes Store.

  2. I luv u so much more than anything and i do mean anything! Your the best actress ever and Radio Rebel is my favorite movie i watched since it came out like i go to school try not 2 have homework if i do then i do then ill do it while i watch Radio Rebel Oh My God u dont know how much i luv u

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