Win a Prop from the Movie in Our Social Media Contest

Tweet the correct time that #RadioRebel is on Monday on Disney Channel along with our handle @WhoIsRadioRebel & we’ll pick a few winners who will win a prop from the movie.


Post the correct time for our Monday air date on Disney Channel on your Facebook page and tag our page

Winners announced Tuesday.


You must be 18 or younger to win, and have not won a Radio Rebel contest yet.





12 thoughts on “Win a Prop from the Movie in Our Social Media Contest

  1. Contest post for twitter

    i would love to its already Monday so here’s my post i think it would be my pleasure that i should win because i am 17 younger right ? can you help me with setting me a Facebook account make sure is safe for me also you should give out your email cause i already have you on yahoo

  2. 1:20 is it because look im desprate i really love debby ryan so i am just trying to win so that i have a souvenir of radio rebel i hope that i really win because i really want to have that prop and if you win any one win please can you give your prop to me because i wish that i even won this contest because i deserve to win it because i really like debby ryan i have her on twitter im sorry for making this sentence quite a long one thank you for being civillians

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