Premiere Contest for the West Coast

Alright guys- your turn:

Answer the five questions below then make a piece of art that represents your answers!

1) What advice does Audrey continually give Tara.

2) What does Kim deliver to the Radio Station?

3) What time does everyone dance?

4) Who is the last person to say “I am Radio Rebel”?

5) What is Morp?


After you make your most artistic representation of these answers- take a pic! Then post it to our Radio Rebel Facebook page at:  And don’t forget to tell us what Coast your on!

The person who gets the most likes: wins! Contest ends Saturday night and winner will be announced this weekend!

Must be 18 or under to win!


4 thoughts on “Premiere Contest for the West Coast

  1. Audrey continually tells tara to breath your words.
    Kim delivers a super duper chesess please vegateren pizza rama hold the drama pizza.
    Stace was the last person to say ” Im radio rebel.
    Morp isprom spelled backwards,

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