We Have an Auction Contest Winner

We have a winner for our Charity Buzz Auction. One of Debby Ryan’s biggest fans will attend the Radio Rebel premiere and after party in Los Angeles, as well as meet Debby! Stay tuned for what she thinks about her winning and see how much she liked the movie!





3 thoughts on “We Have an Auction Contest Winner

  1. debby im so arfaid of showing people the real me im the preson who love to sing every time i look in side the meru i see m e what shood i do.ps can you plaes give me your phone number i realy what to talk to you on the phone i live in denver im 9 i love to sing im a good singer plase call me at 3033993654

  2. Debby i know I’m late for the contest and I’m not writing this for the contest so I’m shy really shy so yea and so I’m shaking so i love u so much and the whole universe is just a little part of it so i love u that much i just wish i could meet u but i cant cause I’m late for the contest so yea i just wanted to tell u i love u

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