Can YOU Rap like Debby Ryan?

Did you see Debby Ryan’s amazing rapping skills in “Greatness Calling”? If not then check them out here: Then make your own version! Upload our Who is Radio Rebel Facebook page, the person with the MOST “likes” on their video, will get an AWESOME prop from the movie!! Let’s see who has the best rap! After a few posts we’ll release the image of the prize!!!!!! Ends 2/1/2012

Unsure of the lyrics? No problem, here they are:

We’ll tick tock around as the sick clock counts

cause you know we can’t hear a thing

We can waste away the night as people count their lives

cause you know we’re not listening

cause youth is too precious and days too short

to measure by a calendar

just what were giving forward

so gimme four on the floor

As you’re sliding out the door


Greatness is calling

Leave your phone at home

cause you know that I’m falling

Trippin out, slipping down

heading head over heals

for the way this sounds.


5 thoughts on “Can YOU Rap like Debby Ryan?

  1. Im Talking About All These Guys Guys
    I Got a Suprise Surpise
    I think im about to blowup
    i think i got to throw up from all that cake cake ,its going to take take hours i need a break break
    Because i love new york york
    Some people think hot dogs are pork pork
    Because Wake in the morning playstation
    See Some Butt Shaking

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