Adam DiMarco

Adam DiMarco graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2011 and has already made a name for himself among the acting community in Vancouver.

In only his first year, Adam has a list of credits that include, R.L Stines: The Haunting Hour, as well as Hallmark’s Kiss At Pine Lake. Most recently, Adam filmed alongside Disney alum Debby Ryan, in the film Radio Rebel, as well as LionsGate’s buddy comedy, Gay Dude. Adam currently splits his time between Vancouver and Yellowknife, while shooting the CBC series, Arctic Air.

When Adam’s not filming, some of his pastimes include writing, as well as participating in the Vancouver Theatre Sports League.


22 thoughts on “Adam DiMarco

    • i love radio rebel ❤
      if i was radio rebel this is wat i would say
      if some bodys bullying you say in your head wat would radio rebel do ?
      i say stand up for your self dont let any body get in to your head just be sarcasteck to them then they will be anoyed.
      comment please if tis came in use and add me on face book name:hollie + surname:daly
      altogether:hollie daly, thanx.

  1. Omg just watched the movie and Adam is 36?????? Damnnn guys reallyyyy cute darn it if only he was Wayyyy younger I could fangirl over him 😛

  2. so i really want to be like radio rebel but i dont know how to make a radio thing on the web please help something every one will love help ty

  3. I think u are Soooo cute!!!! I loved the movie and I love how u always were soo sweet!!! I want to seee more Disney movie with u in it!!!! ❤

  4. Hey adam you are a really a good guy(and SUPER CUTE! ;^D ) in the movie and i just wanted to know if you are that sweet in real life? cause i really hope you are 😉 !

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